Zen Thai Massage


Zen Thai is merger of Zen Shiatsu and Thai massage. The power of the modality is in the touch, pressure and stretching. Pressure is often applied with the use of thumbs, palms, elbows and feet. After a Zen Thai treatment the recipient may feel lighter, more balanced and with a sense of joy and calmness. Many times, sleep is deeper and more restful. The functions more smoothly and the person feels more revitalized.

Zen Thai is received fully clothed. Please wear loose comfortable clothing. 

1 hour 30 minutes $60

Therapeutic Massage


 Therapeutic Massage is a combination of a lot different modalities to provide healing of the body. Each session would be different depending on what is needed. Modalities during session may include Trigger point, Swedish, Deep Tissue and Myofascial.

1 hour $50

Gua Sha & Cupping


 Gua Sha and cupping are Chinese Medicine techniques used for musculoskeletal disorders, acute and chronic respiratory disorders, sleep disorders and emotional distress. Cupping utilizes suction cups and heat and Gua Sha is done with the smooth broad edge of various tools. They are both used to increase qi and blood flow to an area of the body, thereby stimulating the nervous, circulatory and lymphatic systems assisting in detoxification of the respiratory tract and cleansing and nourishing injured muscles and connective tissues. These techniques can also “reset” the central nervous system, generating a deep sense of calm and well-being, helping with such disorders as anxiety, hypertension, hot flashes and insomnia.

45 minutes $40



 Cranial-Sacral therapy seeks to restore the natural position of the bones and can decrease stress from chronic injuries. 

It is a gentle, noninvasive form of bodywork that addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum. The goal is to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.

1 hour $50

Bach Flowers


Dr. Edward Bach discovered that flowers in nature have the ability to affect our emotions positively. The energies from different flowers can remove our emotional pains and suffering, which over time harm our health and impair healing. 

He made sure that when he died in 1936 that his original Bach Flower system would be simple and easy for everyone to understand and use.

30 minutes $10

30 Minutes


 A 30 minute session of any of the above modalities.