Philosophy & Theory

The Holistic Approach

Many cultures throughout history and the world have had and still have concepts of a life force. This concept says that there is an ‘energy’ or ‘vital force’ that gives life to everything. In Latin ‘anima’, Islamic and Sufic ‘ruh’, Greek ‘pneuma’, Polynesian ‘mana’, Amerindian ‘orenda’, German ‘od’, and the Hebrew ‘ruah’. Life force is central to all forms of Eastern medical traditions. It is called ‘Qi’ in China, ‘Ki’ in Japan and ‘Prana’ in India. Through thousands of years of observation, the traditions of the east have discovered how life force energy flows in and through man. 

We believe truth is truth wherever it is found and that there is much to learn from the eastern traditions. However, we believe that enlightenment and salvation is to be found in and through Jesus Christ. In fact, we believe that the ‘vital force’ that is spoken of in many cultures is the Light of Christ that is referred to in scriptures. 

Western bio-medicine is fabulous and has helped us in countless ways. However, it is not the only way to look at life. The holistic model sees life and the body as more than just a collection of physio-chemical processes. The holistic approach believes that prevention is  is the best medicine. It considers illness or disease on all levels of existence. We believe the human soul is made up of three bodies. The mental body, the spiritual or subtle body and the physical body. Disease or illness can develop on any one of these levels. When this happens, the effected body will affect the other two as everything is connected. 

Our philosophy is that through bodywork techniques we can help integrate these three bodies and release blockages of ‘life force’. Releasing energy stagnation will help with multiple health issues. Integration will provide a better sense of self and increase mobility. To achieve this, we use a combination of Chinese Medicine, Zen Shiatsu, Thai Yoga and western physiotherapy.   

Ultimately, there is no panacea or magical pill for the troubles and difficulties of life. To quote our favorite movie, “life is suffering and if anyone says differently they are selling something.” This is the price we pay for being alive. We must work together to get through life and the key is compassion and understanding. When this happens, miracles can occur, and broken things can be mended.