We here at Natural Remedies believe in the holistic approach to medicine and life. Our aim is to provide assistance in helping others with pain management, increase mobility and overall better health. We currently offer services in bodywork and hope to be able to include additional services in the future. 

From the above picture you may have noticed that our style of bodywork is different than others. This is because we practice a modality called Zen Thai Massage. It is a combination of Zen Shiatsu and Thai Yoga Massage. These styles  originate from an Eastern philosophy and culture. It is believed that blockages of 'life energy' is the cause of many symptoms. By applying pressure and stretching around the body, these modalities seek to bring about a balance of energy. 

Pressure is applied with feet, elbows, knees, hands and fingers. Sessions are done fully clothed, using a floor mat and no oil or lotion.

You do not have to believe in the energetic aspect to appreciate and benefit from Zen Thai Massage. Many find after treatment that they sleep better, are more relaxed and generally feel more comfortable in their body. You receive all the benefits of a yoga session without the effort. 

In short it is yoga for the lazy man! 


Services we offer

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Philosophy & Theory


We specialize in Zen Thai Massage. We also offer Therapeutic Massage, Chinese Cupping and Cranial-Sacral.

Philosophy & Theory

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Philosophy & Theory


Natural Remedies was started in the spring of 2018 with the goal of assisting others in finding balance and harmony. We believe in the holistic approach to health. 

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Todd Asay, LMT

Todd graduated from Provo College, UT in 2001 with an Assoc. Degree in Massage therapy. He finds helping others feel better very rewarding.  He is great at finding the stress spots in your body and has the strength and endurance to work on all body types. 

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